Exciting Plans for 2018

Now we’re up and running following our great launch we’re working on a number of exciting follow-up initiatives and events.


Creating Change Banner Project

banner project 1

Banner making project

Join us in an innovative project in which we aim to produce a banner which represents our ideas about social justice, equality and fairness – and change! It will be made up of individual patchworks in which you can express your hopes (and demands) for a better society.

We welcome experienced and novice ‘makers’ alike – you do not have to have any specific craft or artistic skills, just an interest in thinking about how to visually represent your ideas about positive social change, using a variety of media (and as many recycled materials as possible!).

After an initial meeting about the project, you can decide whether to work on your patchwork at home and/or meet up each week to share your ideas/skills and discuss how you are getting on. We hope that you will be able to complete your patchwork/s by 15th April so that we can put the banner together, by May 6th, in time for the May Day celebrations the following day.

The introductory meeting is on Sunday 25th February from 2-4pm at Firstsite in Colchester (the restaurant area at the rear of the building).

If you would like more information about the project and think that you might like to take part, please contact Sally Wilcox sally.p.wilcox@btinternet.com


Our Next Creating Change Live Night: bigger and even better 

download (1)Colchester Arts Centre, Friday, 14th September 2018

This event, like our Cricket Club launch night, will feature speakers representing campaigns, live bands, as well as other performers (live art, comedy, poetry etc) – but it will be on a bigger scale in the beautiful setting of Colchester Arts Centre.

Please contact Anthony Clavane if you are interested: anthony.clavane@hotmail.co.uk


Watch this space for:

Creating Change Movie Night

images (6)We are looking to put on a series of films engaging with social justice issues. The idea is to encourage people to come along, watch a good movie, and to get inspired to be involved. We hope to use the cinema at Essex University, put out some pamphlets etc. at the start, and then move on to the pub on campus for a chat for those who are interested.

Ideas for movies welcome! We thought we might start with Selma, the movie about the civil rights movement in the US and Martin Luther King. Very mainstream, recent and therefore hopefully accessible, but one that directly engages with social justice issues, and also issues related to organising social movements.

Please contact Daragh Murray if you are interested: d.murray@essex.ac.uk

Poetry workshop: ‘Change’

upa.00002.001This workshop on the theme of ‘Change’ will examine a number of traditional and modern examples of poetry as a way of informing and stimulating the writing of poems by participants. The theme of the National Poetry Day, 4th October 2018, is ‘Change.’ There will be thousands of events, in schools, libraries, bookshops and hospitals, on buses, trains and boats – all celebrating poetry’s power to bring people together.

‘Change is inevitable, except from vending machines’ (Unknown source!)

Please contact Mike Harwood if you are interested: mike.j.harwood@btinternet.com

Talk Socialism: Political education training session

downloadTalk Socialism are a groundbreaking political education group who support activists in their campaigning by producing evidence-based research on how people think, and what motivates them. The aim of this training session is to help us develop ideas and strategies to talk to people about their political views, and to think how we can change them. How, for example, can we develop counter arguments and the confidence to challenge statements such as ‘Where’s the money coming from?’

Please contact Mike Harwood if you are interested: mike.j.harwood@btinternet.com

May Day Wivenhoe event

Mike Bailey and the Trades Council are organising another event, following up on last year’s very successful one. It has been suggested that we have a Creating Change presence there – a stall, maybe a word wall/kids activities?

Please let us know if you have any other ideas.


Our next meeting, open to all, will be on: Wednesday, 28th February, 8pm at the Greyhound, Wivenhoe.

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