Connecting arts and activism for social change


Creating Change was launched in January 2018 by a group of local community activists in the Colchester and Wivenhoe area.  We wanted to create an inspiring, collaborative and creative space where people from all walks of life could come together to share ideas and resources to make positive social change.  We believe that the arts, including live music, film, comedy, theatre and making, are a great way to discuss what matters to us in the local and national context, and turn those discussions into action.  Reflecting a new mood of hope, and a growing demand for a fairer, kinder society, our social nights, street stalls, culture meet-ups, and workshops invite you to create the changes you want to see.


We have a management group that meets monthly. This is an open group which plans initiatives and approves and reviews current and ongoing events. Creating Change encourages widening participation in its initiatives, which may be developed through sub-groups which deal with the detail for particular initiatives and these sub groups report back to the monthly management meetings (and by email between meetings, if necessary) to ensure that the CC aims and values remain integral to the projects.


We are not funded by any external agencies. Any proceeds from CC events are used to cover costs and to donate to approved campaigns.

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