What’s next?

New! Voting Matters

For our next project combining fun and campaigning Creating Change has initiated a new Voting Matters campaign in association with Essex University student union. We have had talks with one of the union’s event organisers and we are planning to jointly organise in a number of activities on campus in January 2019.

There is a chance a general election or second referendum could be held in the near future. Even if they are not it is vital to get more students on the electoral register. Local elections are coming up in May.

At these Voting Matters events we intend to have a stall with our banner and – most crucially – a guide sheet for students on how to register to vote. We would like to have a group of about 20 people (or more) who will be put on a rota and can act as “voting recruiters” at these big events, which should attract thousands of students.

For those interested in getting involved please contact Anthony Clavane at anthony.clavane@hotmail.co.uk 


Creating Change Movie Night

images (6)We  put on a series of films engaging with social justice issues. The idea was to encourage people to come along, watch a good movie, and to get inspired to be involved. We used the cinema at Essex University, put out some pamphlets etc. at the start, and then moved on to the pub on campus for a chat for those who are interested.

Ideas for movies welcome!

Please contact Daragh Murray if you are interested: d.murray@essex.ac.uk

Poetry workshop: ‘Change’

upa.00002.001This workshop on the theme of ‘Change’ will examine a number of traditional and modern examples of poetry as a way of informing and stimulating the writing of poems by participants. The theme of the National Poetry Day, 4th October 2018, is ‘Change.’ There will be thousands of events, in schools, libraries, bookshops and hospitals, on buses, trains and boats – all celebrating poetry’s power to bring people together.

‘Change is inevitable, except from vending machines’ (Unknown source!)

Please contact Mike Harwood if you are interested: mike.j.harwood@btinternet.com